Does God Exist?

At the Church of Christ on West Main you will not find believers with a blind-faith or those who employ a “leap of faith” to substantiate their beliefs.  We believe in an objective faith; that is, a faith that has an object that can be evaluated.  Too often well meaning, highly religious people believe ideas and claims, such as those in the Bible, without any evidence, and in some cases without any understanding.  Given our knowledge-driven culture and the current attacks on God’s existence, this logic cannot be acceptable.  Therefore we at the Church of Christ on West Main strive to not only know what we believe but have evidence for why we believe those things.


The purpose of this program is to provide evidence to open-minded, thinking people that God does exist — that the Bible is His word and that science and belief in God are compatible. The author of the material that is used for this ministry is a Physics Professor and former atheist (John Clayton) who came to belief in God through science, when he was a high school science teacher specializing in physics and earth science. It is our contention that those who deny the existence of God have either not seen the evidence, or have embraced bad science and/or bad theology in making science and faith…enemies.  The battle is not between science and God, but between Christians and scientists.


If you have any questions concerning this very relevant issue or know somebody that is in a struggling with the relationship that science has with God, please call us. For more information or if you have any questions please respond below.