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The West Main Church of Christ

our Vision

We at the Church of Christ place a high value on families and believe that the family is very important. In fact, we are convinced that God created the family with discipleship as its primary purpose. As a result, we strive to be a church that has healthy marriages, dedicated parents, committed individuals and purpose driven ministries. Our ministers are eager to assist you in these areas and want to be of service to you and/or your family. In order to mature the body of believers, we believe that we must work toward developing five principles within the church as well as our own families. These five principals reveal our vision for the Church of Christ on West Main. A Family Whose Foundation is Christ – This church will love the Lord, His word and His mission. These believers will seek to build their lives, private and public, on the foundation of Jesus. All plans, every thought and conversation, each relationship will be tempered with this truth. A Family that Matures the Discipled –As Christians, we will be a church that continually gives ourselves to “growing up” into the image of Jesus. Each member and/or family will be fully devoted to spiritual maturation. We aim to be strong and stable in Jesus our Lord. We feel that our families, thus the church, can be made complete or whole with God’s word; eagerly giving themselves to opportunities to study God’s word. A Family that Embraces Responsibility –We strive to be a church that includes every member, making every member matter. This will be seen from spiritual formation, utilizing giftedness, discovery of “niches”, evangelizing communities/neighborhoods, being good stewards, given to hospitality, and serving others. Each member will have a meaningful role in the church. A Family that Enables Accountability –We have a responsibility to help our brethren. We will be a church that will submit to our leaders, carry each other’s unbearable-loads, and help each other turn away from sin. We all need help in our walk and this aid is seen in the relationship we have one to another. We see ourselves encouraging one another one-on- one, strengthening each with godly reminders, exhorting each other toward edification, and reproving each other towards holiness. A Family that Reproduces Disciples –To goal is to help the North Rapids church become reproductive, from a corporate sense as well as from an individual aspect. The church is responsible to produce other churches. Likewise, a child of God is responsible for maturity to the point where he or she is enabling and assisting other people to grow in Christ in a personal way.

Gods Foundation for the church

From the very beginning of time, there has existed an institution designed and created by God that makes up the very fabric of every community, society, nation and government that the world has ever known. This institution is the family. When God brought Adam and Eve together He started the world’s most solid and basic institution. Throughout the Bible we see the importance God places on families and how they play into His grand scheme for mankind. (Genesis 18:19, Psalm 78, Ephesians 5-6) The Church of Christ on West Main values each family highly! It appears that our world is doing its worst to dismantle and debunk the traditional family and its importance in the fabric of our culture. We believe that strong, healthy families are absolutely essential to maintaining a strong, healthy church not to mention community and even nation. We believe it is our God given responsibility to help families grow in their strength together as a unit as well as their closeness to God. It is also our conviction that the family is God’s primary tool for making disciples and passing on faith to the generations to come. As a result we strive to tailor our attitude, style, lessons, activities and atmosphere to make the Church of Christ on West Main as family friendly as possible. It is our firm belief that the family must be built on the same foundation as the church and that can be none other than Jesus Christ Himself (1 Corinthians 3:10-15) We strive to help each individual and family grow in their knowledge of the Word of God and in their relationship with their Lord and Savior. We seek to build up families and encourage each family member to the best of our ability and as such we offer a variety extra opportunities for the family to be encouraged and strengthened.